Its great when you find what you are looking for


PHOTOS: Sacramento River near the Sundial Bridge, Redding.

Not sure if you have been looking for something and then you find it.  It is exactly what you have always wanted.  When you see it or hear it or experience it you know you are in the right place at the right time.

I attended a session by Ps Chris Gore last night as he was teaching about healing.  I came alive from his first sentence after he mentioned he had visited a radiologist who was interested in assisting Bethel validate the miracles of healing with tangible MRI and CT scans to prove them true.  I was bursting with excitement as I could see myself doing stuff like this in my future.  Here are some great things he shared that blessed and exhorted/challenged me:

  1. Is my motivation to see a miracle of healing for my own validation of ministry or someone else’s?  The goal is that we heal people to validate God’s word not our own anointing. BOOM! This nailed me immediately. There have been times I wanted the miracle as much for myself as for the one whom I prayed for.  Good intentions absolutely.  But nonetheless I was seeking validation I can heal people. This will be a growth gate for me I know   – reality is if Christ is living in me of course I can heal people.  Just let him out.
  2. One should never project their powerlessness to heal someone by condemnation.  For example: when we pray and for whatever reason there is no tangible difference or improvement, we can often try to explain our powerlessness that there must be unforgiveness, or it is not God’s timing, or a generational curse may need addressing to unobstruct the healing virtue.  The challenge with this is that it points the individual back into themselves and off the One who is the answer.  Jesus never tried to address people’s issues first and ensure they were all clean before healing them.  Rather he touched them and called for cleansing/healing/forgiveness to flow after they were impacted.  I have sadly done this.  An area to grow also.
  3. Am I desiring to heal people from a position of love or am I working for love.  I was challenged by the difference of the approaches of two of Jesus’ closest disciples.  John and Peter.  John was comfortable knowing he was loved by Jesus.  Peter always tried to prove his love through boldness, courage and daring experiences.  None of these were bad but the former was so much better.  When you approach healing from a position of knowing how loved you are, your personal validation in seeing a healing diminishes and you become simply a co-labourer rather seeking to become an anointed healing minister. Subtle difference but a game changer for me.
  4. Bethel are instituting a new model of avoiding language that tells people they are healed.  Rather they are called to simply decree healing and let the medical fraternity confirm the results.  I have seen the disappointment that can occur when in faith a minister/prayer tells a person they are healed only for their symptoms to remain or worsen.  I like the idea of decreeing and releasing healing and letting validation through tests and time be the judge of it.  Unless a leg grows back or the like. 🙂

Really wanting to chase after this stuff this year.  Would value your prayers that we all walk into it with greater intimacy and friendship with the Lord.




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