The divine wait

image image imageI (Craig) must admit waiting is not my greatest strength.  This was severely stretched this past week.  On our third day in Redding, our car was hit in a car park and unfortunately no-one admitted fault meaning we were up for an excess when repairing the damage.  As reported previously, we saw favour seeing this excess halved which is rare to say the least.  But what happened next hit me for six.  I received a call from our insurance company reporting that our initial payment, made when opening the policy, had been denied by the bank and our policy had been cancelled.  $2600 U.S. of work was at our cost.  Upon finishing the work, we had no insurance policy.  Stress really rose.  After all, circumstances out of my control were heaping up – first we get hit when not in the car and now due to an error by the insurance agent we have no valid policy.  Add to that, we have never experienced an insurance claim in a foreign land and felt way out of our comfort zone when trying to reinstate the decision.  What do we do? When the agent deemed no negligence on her behalf (heaping the blame on my ignorance) I experienced one of the lowest emotional points I have felt for some time.

Helpless in my own strength I simply called on the Lord.  Hey, I am a faith man after all right!!  Nothing is impossible for God – I have preached this for years!!  So after praying I called again expecting doors to open for this matter and for a quick resolution.  How this was not the case this time.  The matter had to be reviewed by a product manager for California, a manager based in Ohio, who was a ghost.  No matter how many emails and contact attempts I made there was no way to hear confirmation from the product manager.  While this is happening, our car was being repaired and of course was finished meaning the car required pick up.  The collision repair shop wanted payment.  My hire car fees were increasing and day Three and four passed with no breakthrough.

We declared breakthrough, we pleaded for breakthrough.  Still nothing.  Until almost a week later I spoke with someone who held compassion for our situation ( or was getting frustrated by my repeated calls several times a day).  The product manager was unable to be contacted still but she found someone else who could make a decision.  Policies are rarely reinstated.  If a policy is cancelled it is if it never existed.  So what happened next was again God at work.  A different manager reviews the case and offered an olive branch if we could show funds in our account on the date the policy was opened.  We provided that and next minute the issue was over.  How? Due to the extensive delay of the product manager not reviewing this case we saw favour for the outcome we desired.

God spoke to me about this in several ways:

  1. When I was stressed I saw myself as a disciple in the boat waking up a sleeping Jesus when the storm was out of control.  Jesus is always at peace in our storms.  Our goal is to be like Him, and carry so much inner peace that even the greatest storms that come our way don’t throw us into disarray.  Bill Johnson states the you can measure the peace you carry by the storms you can remain sleeping through.
  2. When I was getting frustrated in the delays and unusually restrictive pathways this matter took, God was using it for our good.  I must say I like to see matters resolved quickly.  Yet what I learnt is there is power when a situation is not being resolved.  Actually it is… It is to our benefit that it is remaining unresolved. Romans 8:28 reminds us if we are not experiencing good things it is not the end.  Good is coming.  The extensive wait (I know a week seems not a long wait but when stress and pressure are coming from all angles, this timeframe can feel elongated) was actually the plan God used to resolve our trouble.  Joseph had to wait a long time (much longer than a week) but God elevated him in a day.

There is benefit to divine waiting periods.  I can’t say I enjoyed it too much.  But certainly I am thankful for it now. Financially $500 is much better than just under $3000US out of pocket.  But more importantly, my perception of the greater reality of God’s goodness will be sharper when the next divine wait arrives.  I pray this may be true for you also.

Blessings, Craig and Shell


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