Identity is everything

burney falls

Burney Falls is an amazing place – a 70ft deep spring consistently fills this river with overflowing amounts of water to feed the waterfall (approx 400 000 L) a day.  Even in a drought when a deep spring is overflowing great abundance is released.  This can be true in our spiritual lives even when we are in a barren season.  As long as the deep spring remains overflowing we will refresh and overflow God’s grace in abundance.

Today (Tues 15/9) was another special day.  Worship touched heaven and then some.  The tangible presence of God was evident.  It is electrifying yet peace filled all at the same time.  God’s presence is everywhere, but something special happens when he inhabits the praises of his people.  The spiritual atmosphere changes where hope, grace and love increases.  Limitations shrink.  Goodness elevates.  It is glorious.

Then Lou Engle, pioneer of The Call,  author of many books and prayer apostle availed himself for an hour to inspire, stir and call us forth to a life of greatness.  He reflected on the impact of events back in 1946 when prayer and fasting movements started.  Each year later significant events occurred.  1947 saw the beginning of a move of God upon Oral Roberts, a man who now has a Christian university names after him.  1948 Israel became its own nation.  In 1949 Billy Graham began his ministry recapturing hearts back to the Lord.  Lou’s encouragement reinforced the significance of people seeking the Lord for revival.  He suggested that we are about to hit the 70 year mark past these significant historical moments where a new outpouring of God’s grace will be manifested.  In fact, next year marks the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street revival and it is another significant milestone.

When God marks an individual with a passion for revival it leaks out of them and one can’t help be changed by hearing them.  It was a privilege to be the same room as him today.  He showed a picture of Billy Graham’s evangelistic crusade in 1963 where 130 000 filled the Millenial stadium in Los angeles.  Lou’s call was to start preparing for the filling of stadia across the world.  The latter rain is coming.  Bring it on.


Then Kris Vallatton spoke and possibly presented the best illustration I have heard around the tension between performance versus position as a child of God.  He used Genesis as his scriptural text.  Adam and Eve were made in the image of God (Gen 1) and yet when the devil tricked them (Gen 3) he forced them to do something to become more like God.  Despite the fact they were already like him, the enemy deceived them into thinking they needed to DO more to gain a closer understanding of God’s image.   This trickery has been in place since where believers are trying to become more God-like when really they are just empowering a lie that curses them.  I was challenged personally by this and reflected how often I have bought this lie also.  WOW.

Our faith is enlarging.  Our spirits are being awakened.  Our kids are hearing God’s voice and prophesying.  It is a joy to be here for the year and growing in a revival culture.  To many of you supporting us with prayer and financial support we send our love and gratitude for this privilege.  We have only had 4 days in classes and know we are in for an incredible time.


Craig, Shell, Brielle, Elisha, and Jessika.


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