The time of our life – the life of our time

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We have just marked 2 months in the USA.  It feels, admittedly, so much longer than 8 weeks.  Perhaps it is because we have packed so much into the first two months.  Maybe it is because we hit the ground running with so many logistics and only now are we feeling a settledness here?  Whatever the reason, we are having the time of our life.  There is so many great places to visit around this area with so many different National Parks and new places to explore.  We hope to check out Crater Lake this weekend (although weather may postpone our plans).  It hasn’t rained for more than 3 days in 2 months so every bit is certainly welcomed here.  (Just prefer it happened during the week !!!haha)

It was a great joy to host Darren Fraser for a weekend in early September and then my (Craig) parents for 2 weeks just recently.  It was not only a joy to see them but also to show them our world here.  Connection is always stronger when there are shared memories.  Memories ++++ were experienced and we all feel greatly blessed.  We are only a month away from hosting my sister, Cass and husband Tim and kids for a weekend.  Then Shell’s parents join us for Christmas and New Year.  Family is a great joy and certainly its value has been elevated all the more with our move away.


The course has been as good, if not better, than we have expected. The content, atmosphere and people have amazed us.  It is certainly the right fit for us and we are thriving in this season.  The kids have impressed us how adaptable and resilient they have been transitioning into a new school culture which speaks highly of them and also to the Bethel Christian School which has overwhelmed us in so many ways.

2 months in we can honestly say we have no regrets and having the time of our life.  But we are also experiencing a new life of our time.  The tangible presence and experiences of God have been profound.  The rich revelation and fresh understanding that is being poured into us has been significant.  In order for this new stuff to come, the old needed addressing and removing.  This is never a comfortable process but the reward is so much the richer.  If you want to experience a new sense of God’s love, pick up a copy of Jack Frost’s “Experiencing Father’s Embrace”.  This book has wrecked us in a good way.  Be brave if you want to read it as it could start undoing you also!! We have identified so many unhealthy patterns in our life that have arisen from a disfigured view of God’s love.  A new wave of God’s love is the life of our time.  It is beginning to reshape mindsets and paradigms that have hindered us from experiencing the fullness of the Father’s embrace.  We came to Bethel for many reasons – rest, renewal, and more anointing, power and increase for healing and revival.  We are confident we will receive all these.  But our priority for the year is changing.  We are less focused on the outcomes and more focused on the source.  A subtle refocus but a very powerful one.  In fact rest, renewal and power can only arise from this refocus.

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There is still many months to go but a shift has begun.  That is what we desired and prayed for when we moved here and God never seems to delay those sort of prayers.  We found out today we will complete our course in  attending the 110th anniversary of the Azusa street revival.  Lou Engle, one of the most passionate men I have ever witnessed in person, who also oversees the Call (ministry of prayer and fasting amongst young adults), is headlining the event and has booked the same stadium Billy Graham packed out many decades in the past.  Bethel Church has offered its full support with worship artists, staff and students supporting this event.  Engle purports that revival will fill stadia in the coming end time harvest.  So this event is significant as a stepping stone for LA, the States and indeed the world.  It will be a privilege to be there on April 9, 2016 and participate in street evangelism and healing in the lead up.  Stay tuned for more details.

We are also about to launch into some activation electives we have taken.  I (craig) will be attending the healing rooms every second week and Shell ministering in art and music to the sick at the Shasta Regional Hospital.  These will have some amazing testimonies we will share in the coming months.

Trust you are having the time of your life but more importantly discovering the life of your time.

Until next time – much love,

Craig, Shell, Brielle, Elisha and Jessika.


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