Summary of Azusa Now


Here is a summary of what we experienced during our week in LA:

  • We witnessed the rededication of a man called Anthony on the streets of Hollywood Blvd.  He also experienced back pain subside after prayer for healing.  He and his fiancé then attended the Azusa Now event at the LA colliseum on the Saturday evening and they both experienced the baptism of the HS (see photo below).  
  • We prayed for a gentleman called Omar (who was a Muslim) who had a cast on his leg from a motor bike accident.  He said much of his pain left his leg after prayer.  Then we asked if he had experienced Jesus before and after explaining Jesus to him we had the privilege of leading him to receive Christ for the first time.
  • Shell had a word of knowledge to pray for healing for a person with a feather and dreamcatcher tattoo.  When she identified a woman with these features she handed her an artwork of a feather she had drawn.  After a short conversation, Shell discovered this woman had been hit by a car and fractured her spine only 6 weeks ago.  After prayer the woman was able to stand up and walk pain free.
  • Shell also prayed for a man who was a professional musician and due to spinal surgery was unable to play anymore.  After prayer the man said he felt no more back pain.
  • Craig had a word of knowledge for a person with a black hat, shirt and pants and sensed cancer was linked to it.  Upon meeting a woman at the train station with these items of clothing he offered prayer and found out the woman was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We prayed in faith for a miracle.  This then created a mini revival meeting for our team outside the metro station as this woman invited several colleagues to come over for prayer.  People left greatly encouraged.
  • We ministered to a man who lived on the streets and sadly was tormented by demons.  Upon moving within 10 metres of our team’s presence he seemed to regain a soundness of mind and was able to recite scripture fluently.  The atmosphere certainly shifted around him when we all were with him and praying for him.
  • We were inspired to attend the LA Dream Centre founded by Ps. Tommy and Matthew Barnett.  We were moved greatly by the testimonies of transformation many drug and alcohol addicted homeless people have received.
  • We witnessed the first concurrent prayer meeting on the West and East coast of America with Azusa Now in LA corresponding with a 25000 person prayer meeting in Washington DC.  Seeing such unity across the continent was powerful.
  • At the Azusa Now event we witnessed:
    • racial reconciliation and forgiveness
    • religious reconciliation
    • freedom and liberty from religious animosity
    • signs and wonders
  • We personally saw at the event neck pain healed, knee and back pain healed and symptoms of Cerebral Palsy reduce.  A young 22 year old woman who was in a wheelchair asked for her claw hand to be released.  After prayer her hand was straightened and all she could say was “oh my….. oh my….”,  with such joy.  We then assisted her out of her wheelchair and she acknowledged her feet were moving with greater strength.  It was an amazing experience to be a part of!!
  • At the event deaf ears were opened, paralysed individuals got up and walked, blind eyes were opened, stroke limitations were erased and crutches thrown away.
  • On the Sunday following Azusa Now we attended the Bread of Life Taiwanese church and saw more healings.  Craig also assisted a young woman riddled with disappointment and emotional pain be set free and then receive the baptism of the HS evidenced by the speaking of tongues immediately after prayer.  



Yes that question has been burning in us all year.  There is no doubt this year has transformed both our thinking and faith.  We have received fresh revelation on our royal identity in Christ, God’s goodness and the love of the Father.  This has broken a “performance” mentality that had us held in bondage for too many years and enabled us  for more intimacy for rest in Him.  One major focus here at Bethel is that intimacy is the catalyst to transformation personally and corporately.  Seeing miracles is just an outworking of being totally confident in the nature of God’s goodness which arises from such close intimacy with the Father


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